Superior quality coffee,
roasted to perfection and
delivered at peak freshness.


At REM our mission is to deliver premium quality specialty coffee.

We analysed every step of the coffee process and identified the
three quality drivers of an exceptional coffee

Quality Driver #1: Superior Coffee Beans


Starting with high quality coffee beans is the most important factor in creating an exceptional coffee.

We looked at all of the great coffee regions across the world to determine which location could consistently yield the highest quality coffee beans.

In the end there is one place that stands above the rest.

The holy land of premium coffee: Sidamo Ethiopia.

  • WHY SIDAMO ?  +

    Sidamo is consistently rated as one of the highest quality coffees on the planet. The high altitude of the region allows the coffee to grow slowly and therefore absorb nutrients and develop robust and beautiful flavours.

    The Sidamo region produces such a high quality coffee that we have decided to exclusively use a careful selection of the top beans from Sidamo to create our Sidamo blend.


    Within the Sidamo region exists an even more fabled micro-region known as Yirgacheffe.

    Yirgacheffe is internationally recognised for its superior quality among the top coffee beans in the world.

    To ensure we are truly offering the highest quality specialty coffee selection, we've taken the top picks from the Yirgacheffe region to create the Yirgacheffe Premium.


Quality Driver #2: The perfect roast

Coffee roasting is an art form. Finding the perfect roast for a particular coffee bean requires the expertise of a master roaster. Ethiopian beans in particular are delicate and complicated.

 Our master roasters have crafted a custom roast profile for each of our premium selection coffees that allows us to highlight the flavours and aromas that make these beans so special. 


Quality Driver #3: Delivery at peak freshness

Although a highly debated subject, coffee beans are estimated to reach their peak freshness approximately two days after roasting and will maintain their peak quality for about two weeks.

In order for you to take maximum advantage of the freshness window, we ship our coffee within two days after roasting. 

We also offer subscriptions which allow us to provide you with fresh coffee every two weeks to
ensure you are always drinking the
highest quality coffee.

Additionally, all REM beans come in our air tight, resealable packaging with a one way valve which allows your beans to keep their freshness even longer.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Our premium quality is guaranteed. There is a 100% money back guarantee on all coffee in our premium selection. Try our premium specialty coffee, no strings attached!